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I am generating a csv download from my web server and to be safe, I have enclosed each field with double quotes.



The problem is that when the file is opened in Excel, it does not strip all quotes... Therefore, some fields are appearing as: row1_field1 whereas others are appearing as "row1_field2"

What am I not doing to ensure that excel strips all surrounding quotes?

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Make sure there are no spaces around the commas. So the following should work:


But this will show up with the quotes in place:

"row1_field1", "row1_field2", "row1_field3", "row1_field4"
"row2_field1", "row2_field2", "row2_field3", "row2_field4"
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Thanks - that's the ticket –  sjw Apr 30 '10 at 5:04

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