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I'd asked a question about the splitting the a string like below:

Input string: a=>aa| b=>b||b | c=>cc

and the output:


Kobi's answer was:

var matches = "a=>aa|b=>b||b|c=>cc".match(/(?:[^|]|\|\|)+/g)

His answer worked, but I need to use the .split() method and store the outputs in an array.

So I can't use the .match() Method.

How can I do it?

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One question about the "output" - do you want ['a=>aa', 'b=>b||b', 'c=>cc'], or are you coming from a PHP background and thinking about a "hash table" (just an object in JS) {"a": "aa", "b": "b||b", "c":"cc"}? – gnarf Apr 30 '10 at 9:00

Here's my stab:

var str = 'a=>aa| b=>b||b | c=>cc';
var arr = str.split(/\s*\|\s+/);
// ["a=>aa", "b=>b||b", "c=>cc"]

var obj = {}; // if we want the "object format"
for (var i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {
  var match = str.match(/^(\w+)=>(.*)$/);

  if (match) { obj[match[1]] = match[2]; }

// Object { a:"aa", b:"b||b", c: "cc" }

And the RegExp:

 \s*   # Match Zero or more whitespace
 \|    # Match '|'
 \s+   # Match one or more whitespace (to avoid the ||)
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.match return array too, so there is no problem using .match

arr = "a=>aa|b=>b||b|c=>cc".match(/(?:[^|]|\|\|)+/g)
// a=>aa,b=>b||b,c=>cc
// 3
// a=>aa
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actually I need this question for my complier course. I explained the match function to my professor and he said that you must answer this question with split... One more thing: the input is : a=>aa|b=>b||b|c=>cc (there is no space between each character) – Hero May 1 '10 at 7:35

While I hate arguing with myself, another possible solution is:

var matches = 'a=>aa|b=>b||b|c=>cc'.split(/\b\s*\|\s*\b/g);

Meaning: split when you see | surrounded by spaces, and between alphanumeric characters.
This version will also leaves d|=d intact.
\b can introduce errors though, it might will not split if the pipe isn't between alphanumeric characters, for example a=>(a+a)|b=>b will not split.

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I posted this in your other copy of this question (please don't ask a question multiple times!)

This ought to do it:


which yields:

["a=>aa", "b=>b||b", "c=>cc"]
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