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I am very new to the streaming. My requirement is to combine multiple videos/streams in to single video. So output will be single video showing multiple videos simultaneously in single player(Like security camera video).

Here is my sample code---

IGraphBuilder oFilterGraph = (IGraphBuilder)new FilterGraph();
VideoMixingRenderer9 oVideoMixingRenderer = new VideoMixingRenderer9();
oFilterGraph.AddFilter((IBaseFilter)oVideoMixingRenderer, "Video");

IVMRFilterConfig9 oVMRFilterConfig = (IVMRFilterConfig9)oVideoMixingRenderer;

IVMRMixerControl9 oIVMRMixerControl = (IVMRMixerControl9)oVideoMixingRenderer;

NormalizedRect oNormalizedRect = new NormalizedRect();
oNormalizedRect.left = 0.0F; = 0.0F;
oNormalizedRect.bottom = 0.5F;
oNormalizedRect.right = 0.5F;
NormalizedRect oNormalizedRect1 = new NormalizedRect();
oNormalizedRect.left = 0.5F; = 0.5F;
oNormalizedRect.bottom = 1;
oNormalizedRect.right = 1;

int iStreamId1 = oFilterGraph.RenderFile("c:\\file1.wmv", string.Empty);
int iStreamId2 = oFilterGraph.RenderFile("c:\\file2.wmv", string.Empty);
oIVMRMixerControl.SetOutputRect(0, ref oNormalizedRect);
oIVMRMixerControl.SetOutputRect(1, ref oNormalizedRect1);          
oIVMRMixerControl.SetAlpha(0, 1);
oIVMRMixerControl.SetAlpha(1, 1);

IMediaControl oMediaControl = (IMediaControl)oFilterGraph;

I tried with the code but could not succeed. It is showing only one video in control & not showing other one.

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Look at the VideoMixingRenderer in DirectShow.

This link provides an explanation of how to do it using C++:

A .NET wrapper for DirectShow exists here:

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Could you please give some .net snippet for VideoMixingRenderer? Where should I get the related information? – Shashank May 4 '10 at 7:12

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