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I am looking for a good solution to parse OCR-B fonts off a PNG images fed from scanners. Any tips on a engine? In php

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why not to look for PHP solution to write a musical clip or to operate a coffee machine too? All these tasks including OCR are for web-site oriented language of course –  Your Common Sense Apr 30 '10 at 8:19

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A pure PHP solution is probably not available. I would recommend using GOCR http://jocr.sourceforge.net/ and call it from PHP with something like that

// do optical character recognition
$command = '/usr/local/bin/gocr -i ' . escapeshellarg($png_file);
$output = trim(shell_exec($command));

Then $output contains your parsed text. You might need to add and tweak GOCR parameters too, read their doc.

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I would have gone the gocr path too, but I wonder if it has the extremely high rate of success the typical OCR-A and OCR-B applications need. –  ZJR May 3 '10 at 22:00

If you're ok with calling an external API for this, consider http://www.ocr-it.com/ - it has a specific option to look for OCR-B.

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