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A Question from the user side, rather then the admins.

Is there a way to bookmark or link to a thread and make phpBB always show the last page of the thread, regardless of how many pages long the thread actually is?

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As of phpbb 3.0.12 I haven't found any officially documented way but the following might do the trick:


where only the start=50000 is important. the f and t parameters are to determine the subforum and the thread, the start parameter determines the post in the thread. Setting the value of the start parameter to a ridiculously high value seems to trigger phpbb to show the last page.

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D'oh. How come I didnt think of trying that? – j4k3 Oct 19 '14 at 17:30

Unfortunately not, you have to retrieve how many pages there are first.

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I found it helpful to hover an unread-topic-icon. I saw:


As Trilarion mentioned before, parameter t determines the topic. view=newest is the necessary part

For clarification: I saw it on a phpbb 2.0 board.

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