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I am doing my first Zend Applicaition and I am finally done with the coding side. But the problem which I have is Client has asked to rewrite the Url's which follows the SEO and as I don't have much knowledge of the Zend Router,I am finding myself helpless this time. Please helo me out.The current Url which I have is...

and Client needs it like

and another Url (the search Url)

and the Client wants is

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In your example, can you say which module/controller/action your current url requests get routed to, and what request parameters you expect to be set? – Kevin Vaughan Apr 30 '10 at 14:50
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i think there is no solution, because the first and second requested url by your client is the same? How can Zend Framework know if you want so show a keyword or search?

For the first route you can add this to your applications.ini (if you use ZF 1.8+):

resources.router.routes.route_1.route = ":keyword"
resources.router.routes.route_1.defaults.module = "default"
resources.router.routes.route_1.defaults.controller = "keywords"
resources.router.routes.route_1.defaults.action = "index"

This will route to keywords controller / index action and is providing ball als paramater keyword.

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You can route those requests to one action, where you can disassemble the URL and choose where to send that request and then use $this->_forward($action, $controller, $module) to do it... :) – Tomáš Fejfar May 1 '10 at 14:55

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