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I wrote a named query in the entity class Voter

NamedQuery(name = "Voter.findvoter", query = "SELECT count(*) FROM Voter v WHERE v.voterID = :voterID" and where v.password= : password),

I want to call this named query and I also need to set voterID and password.

Can you help me. Thank you

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I assume you've missed the @ symbol on your NamedQuery annotation?

In the code, you'd call it like this:

List results = em.createNamedQuery("Voter.findvoter")
    .setParameter("voterID", "blah")
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The common steps are (named query or otherwise)

  1. Create a query - em has five create methods.
  2. Set the query up with parameters if needed - the query interface has these methods.
  3. Execute the query - the query interface has 3 execution related methods.

with the above three steps you can run any JPA query.

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There are two obvious issues with your named query that would cause a problems:

  • It is an annotation so it should be @NamedQuery not just NamedQuery
  • Your query is currently:

query = "SELECT count(*) FROM Voter v WHERE v.voterID = :voterID" and where v.password= : password.

The problem is that you terminate your String after :voterID, instead of after :password and you have "where" twice and you have a space between ":" and "password". Your query should look like this:

query = "SELECT count(*) FROM Voter v WHERE v.voterID = :voterID and v.password= :password"

(I have just moved the " to the end and removed the second "where" and the space after the ":")

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