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I'm using testng to run selenium based tests in java. I have a bunch of repeated tests. Generally they do all the same except of test name and one parameter.

I want to automate generation of it. I was thinking about using factory. Is there a way to generate tests with different name? What would be the best approach to this?

As for now I have something like below and I want to create 10 tests like LinkOfInterestIsActiveAfterClick

public class SmokeTest extends BrowserStartingStoping{

public void LinkOfInterestIsActiveAfterClick(){
        String link = "link_of_interest";

  • My xml suite is auto-generated from java code.
  • test names are crucial for logging which link is active, and which one is not.
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Have your test class implement org.testng.ITest and override getTestName() to return the name you want.

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So I connected Factory with DataProvider and used attributes of contexts.

@DataProvider(name = "DP1")
public Object[][] createData() {
  Object[][] retObjArr={
  return retObjArr;

@Test (dataProvider = "DP1")
public void isActive(String name, String link){
  this.context.setAttribute("name", name);

And in the Listener

public class MyListener extends TestListenerAdapter{
  public void onTestSuccess(ITestResult tr){
  //and similar

  private void log(String string, ITestResult tr){
    List<ITestContext> k = this.getTestContexts();
    String testName = tr.getTestClass().getName();      
    for (ITestContext i: k)
      if (i.getAttribute("name") != null)

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Can you show here how you used the Factory class? –  djangofan Jul 30 '14 at 15:09
@djangofan Sorry, but I don't have the code anymore. (answered over 4 years ago) –  Ula Karzelek Jul 30 '14 at 15:42
Ok, well I can tell you that the solution you posted as an answer here does not actually work. Now, if you actually showed a Factory generating separate classes, then I believe it would work. Setting test name on tests generated from a DataProvider does not work because the class instance shares the test name between the multiple parameterized calls of the class. –  djangofan Jul 30 '14 at 18:26

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