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I searched a while but found nothing that helped me. Is there a way to check whether a drive letter stands for a shared drive/network drive or a local disc in python? I guess there is some windows api function that gives me that info, but I cant find it. Perhaps there is even a method already integrated in python?

What I am looking for is something with this or similar behaviour:

someMagicMethod("C:\\")  #outputs True 'is a local drive'
someMagicMethod("Z:\\")  #outputs False 'is a shared drive'

That would help me as well:

someMagicMethod2()  #outputs list of shared drive letters

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The GetDriveType function in win32file module may help you - it's a wrapper for the GetDriveType WINAPI function.

import win32file
isNetworkDrive = win32file.GetDriveType("Z:\\") == win32file.DRIVE_REMOTE

You'd be able to enumerate all with the GetLogicalDriveStrings() function in the win32api module, then use a loop to pick out only the network drives.

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Great thats just what I was searching for! Thanks a lot! – Philip Daubmeier Apr 30 '10 at 10:30

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