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Hey I am I receiving a string values as such "(53.32000501118541, -6.223390102386475)"

How can I parse this string to seperate the 2 values and remove the "(" and ")"


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You could do a simple replace of the brackets and then split by the comma.

String[] coords = "(53.32000501118541,-6.223390102386475)"

This will give you a string array containing the 2 values you want.

coords[0] will == "53.32000501118541"
coords[1] will == "-6.223390102386475"
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Thanks man that worked nicely –  StevieB Apr 30 '10 at 10:48

I assume you get a GLatLng value and you would like to extract lat and lng. You can use the lat() and lng() functions to do that, without parsing and extracting data from the string.

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