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I'm using custom post types in WordPress 3.0 to manage 'courses' (or seminars, lectures, whatever term you'd prefer to have in mind).

Now for viewing a single 'course', the url structure is;


But for multiple courses?




Or something entirely different?

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From an SEO prespective the least forward slashes the better. Every level (forward slash) you put means (usually) less importance to (some) search engines.

I'd recommend you to use Level-1 URLs like

Or Level-2 as much.

Search engines put less weight on indexing pages above 2nd levels. For example, the URL (, pages in "Level-3" level receives less focus by search engine crawler. by Pohee

Search engine crawlers expect the important content to be found within the first two or three subfolders. by GetInPosition

Some resources:

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Agreed. Sometimes it happens and for good reason, but that's typically for larger sites that already do a high volume of traffic. Burying your content by "adding slashes" means it's deeper and crawlers may not care to spider it unless they have a significant indication to do so, like it going hot on Digg or Reddit and receving a lot of inbound links. – hsatterwhite May 7 '10 at 14:19

Why not just /courses/category-name/ ?

It is the course category after all.

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I wanted that, but the client also wants to collate courses into 'groups', so I need to indicate in the URL if I'm querying a 'category' or a 'group' (two separate taxes in WP). – TheDeadMedic Apr 30 '10 at 10:45

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