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I use cscope with vim. When doing large edits for several files, cscope will report old line numbers for changed files. How can I rebuild cscope db from vim without losing

  • opened tabs/windowses in vim
  • connection with cscope engine


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First, you need to update cscope database.

:!cscope -Rbq

Then, reinit the database from vim.

:cs reset
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When there is an existing connection to the cscope database cscope.out, cscope creates another one ncscope.out. How to replace the old database? I am using a Windows cscope port. –  Michal Čizmazia Sep 4 '12 at 11:24

I use a script that keeps building my indexes in the background:

" We need to setup the function that reset cscope.
"You could define this in your vimrc instead.
vim --servername GVIM --remote-send ":function! ResetCscope()<CR>cscope reset<CR>endfunction<CR>"

while true ; do
    echo building...

    ctags -R
    cscope -Rbk
    vim --servername VIM --remote-expr "ResetCscope()"

    echo done. sleeping.
    sleep 1m

(It's actually a lot more complicated than that.)

The vim call should reload the cscope database in vim if you started it with vim --servername VIM. (I use a background command to run cscope queries, so I'm not sure about this. The command launches cscope independently and doesn't use Vim's connection.)

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Will vim use updated indices automatically? –  osgx Aug 31 '11 at 17:37
Oops. I forgot that since I use enormous cscope databases that take seconds to search, I rarely call vim's cscope commands directly. I've updated the answer to reset the cscope connection. –  idbrii Aug 31 '11 at 17:52

Building on a previous answer, add this to your .vimrc:

map <F5> :!cscope -b<CR>:cs reset<CR><CR>                                      

Then use F5 within vim to do the refresh.

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