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I want to send a notification from a UITableViewController-A to UITableViewController-B.

I was adding the observer in the initwithCoder of the UITableViewController that is supposed to catch the notifications.

The classes are correlated as folows


I need to add the observer before the views are actually loaded because notifications may be sent before the view is called.

However I have been told that initializing in the initWithCoder method in a UIViewController is not advisable, and was told to add the observer in the AppDelegate.

Are there any other suggestions for doing this?

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I would implement the Notification wiring in 'viewDidLoad' and then force the loading of both view controllers. To force the views to load, get 'UITableViewController-A.view'. It will see the view is not initialized and load the view from the nib, then execute 'viewDidLoad'.

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Thanks that worked great! I added a pointer of UITableViewController-A to the AppDelegate and associated it in the InterfaceViwer, then did [UITableViewController-A view] in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions( applicationDidFinishLaunching?) on App Delegate. –  Saifis May 3 '10 at 4:20
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