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I need to do this:

document.styleSheets[i].rules[1].style.cssText = "cursor: url(images/grabbing.cur), default !important;";

and if I'm checking:


its giving: cursor: !important

Why is it not setting the whole string in this css?

It's a problem in Internet Explorer only, it works in Firefox.

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A simple tipo: there is no ", default" needed.

in css the character "," just uses to seperate items in a list like:

font-family: tahoma, times;

and the cursor property does not accept a serie as value.

the correct form for your css:

cursor: url(images/grabbing.cur) !important;

feather reading:

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Hey it doesnt work also i tried this document.styleSheets[i].rules[1].style.cssText = "cursor: url(images/grabbing.cur) !important;"; alert(document.styleSheets[i].rules[1].style.cssText); its giving the same "cursor: !important" value by alert. – user307635 May 1 '10 at 5:41

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