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For example, i associate following function with some element

$('table#users tbody tr:first #save').click(function(){

Now, if i don't know where this function is stored, is there a way to view associated with click() code? In above example, i want a way to view that in firebug, or in another way


If I'm writing in console following, i'm get a link to dom inspector

>>> ($('table#users tbody tr:first #save').click)

but link is for jquery library, not the code i want.

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I think this will answer your question

The reason you get a link to the DOM inspector on the code you wrote is because calling $(selector).click will actually raise the click events and return the result set.

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yes, it exactly what i want, thanks – llamerr Apr 30 '10 at 14:22

Try the eventbug plugin for Firebug:

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and that would help too, thanks – llamerr Apr 30 '10 at 14:27

There is also default method of Function object in javascript - toSource


>>> $('.jq-runCode').click.toSource()

"(function (d) {return d ? this.bind(b, d) : this.trigger(b);})"

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