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Is there a command in java for conversion of an ArrayList into a object array. I know how to do this copying each object from the arrayList into the object array, but I was wondering if would it be done automatically.

I want something like this:

ArrayList<TypeA> a;

// Let's imagine "a" was filled with TypeA objects

TypeA[] array = MagicalCommand(a);
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Something like the standard Collection.toArray(T[]) should do what you need (note that ArrayList implements Collection):

TypeA[] array = a.toArray(new TypeA[a.size()]);

On a side note, you should consider defining a to be of type List<TypeA> rather than ArrayList<TypeA>, this avoid some implementation specific definition that may not really be applicable for your application.

Also, please see this question about the use of a.size() instead of 0 as the size of the array passed to a.toArray(TypeA[])

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Yes. ArrayList has a toArray() method.


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Convert an ArrayList to an object array

ArrayList has a constructor that takes a Collection, so the common idiom is:

List<T> list = new ArrayList<T>(Arrays.asList(array));

Which constructs a copy of the list created by the array.

now, Arrays.asList(array) will wrap the array, so changes to the list will affect the array, and visa versa. Although you can't add or remove

elements from such a list.

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You can use this code

ArrayList<TypeA> a = new ArrayList<TypeA>();
Object[] o = a.toArray();

Then if you want that to get that object back into TypeA just check it with instanceOf method.

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TypeA[] array = (TypeA[]) a.toArray();
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toArray without parameters returns an Object[] not a TypeA[]. That code would fail at runtime. –  Yishai Apr 30 '10 at 14:57
You can cast e.g. a String[] to Object[], but not vice versa. –  Christian Semrau Apr 30 '10 at 22:06

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