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I'm stuck with "Programming Clojure" on page 37 on a Windows 7 machine. After downloading the "examples" dir into "C:/clojure", I typed:

user> (require 'examples.introduction)

and I got

; Evaluation aborted.

java.io.FileNotFoundException: Could not locate examples/ introduction__init.class or examples/introduction.clj on classpath: (NO_SOURCE_FILE:0)

My .emacs file looks like this:

(setq swank-clojure-extra-classpaths (list "C:/Clojure"))

The files in C:/Clojure are there (I triplechecked)

Any help will be appreciated.

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Just to be sure, can you also check your classpath from the REPL: (System/getProperty "java.class.path")? –  Siddhartha Reddy Apr 30 '10 at 15:56
Can you confirm that clojure is running from the right place? user> (. System getProperty "user.dir") will print the current directory. Check that that comes up as C:/Clojure –  MattyW Apr 30 '10 at 20:07
how did you launch the repl? –  Brandon H Apr 30 '10 at 20:38
Thanks for your hints on checking the classpath and the user dir from inside the REPL, guys. Here are the results. The classpath is: "c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/swank-clojure/src;c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/lib/clojure-contrib.jar;c:/Program Files/Clojure Box/lib/clojure.jar" and the user dir is: "c:\\Clojure" Sorry for my (non-)formatting; unfortunately, I don't know how to format source code in my comments yet. –  Rainer May 2 '10 at 9:12
I get the error unless I (set! compile-path ".") –  mcandre Mar 7 '11 at 0:55

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Problem solved! The .emacs file should contain this line - watch out for "classpath" without the "s"):

(setq swank-clojure-classpath
        (list "c:/Clojure"))

Thanks to Shawn Hoover for giving me this answer via email. (And thanks to everybody else for your hints!)

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(setq swank-clojure-extra-classpaths ("C:/Clojure"))
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Thanks, I did. Didn'T work: <code> Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading c:/Emacs/.emacs': Invalid function: C:/Clojure To ensure normal operation, you should investigate and remove the cause of the error in your initialization file. Start Emacs with the --debug-init' option to view a complete error backtrace. </code> –  Rainer May 1 '10 at 22:56
Ah. My bad. no parenthesis around the string, it is trying to evaluate it (I'm new at this, too). (setq swank-clojure-extra-classpaths "C:/Clojure") –  M Aguilar May 2 '10 at 15:25

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