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I want to execute a powershell using the .net Powershell SDK. I have this working fine. Before I execute it I want to check that the script has been signed by my code signing certificate - this is easy enough to do from within powershell itself using Get-AuthenticodeSignature but I would like to do this in code before choosing to execute this script.


        Runspace runSpace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace();

        Pipeline shell = runSpace.CreatePipeline();
        shell.Commands.AddScript(String.Format("Get-AuthenticodeSignature '{0}'", Filename));

        Signature sig = (shell.Invoke()[0]).BaseObject as Signature;
        bool isValid = sig.Status == SignatureStatus.Valid;
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The easiest way I can think is to still use powershell, but from within managed code:

using System.Management.Automation;

void Foo(string path) {
   PowerShell shell = PowerShell.Create();
   shell.AddScript(String.Format("Get-AuthenticodeSignature {0}", path));

   Signature sig = shell.Invoke()[0] as Signature; // returns collection
   bool isValid = sig.Valid;

(from memory, so may not be entirely syntactically correct)

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Close enough! Added solution to my question – James Berry May 4 '10 at 16:04
ah, i see you're on v1.0 of powershell (powershell object is v2 only) – x0n May 6 '10 at 17:08

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