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I made a login component for my flex 4 application, and i load this component from my main flex application with:

<ns1:Login id="page_login" visible="true"></ns1:Login>

Now i want to change the visibility from true to false, from the login component. Is there a way to do this kind of interaction?


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From within Login, you'd just set visible:

this.visible = false;
this.includeInLayout = false; // you may want this as well, depending on your ui

From within the parent, you could set visible directly:

page_login.visible = false;

or you could bind visible to some other property:

// in Script
var loginVisible:Boolean = true;
// in MXML
<ns1:Login visible="{loginVisible}" />
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thank you very much! –  Timo May 1 '10 at 10:09

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