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HI...i want to write something like this in a file, using fwrite

fwrite("name is %s\n",name, 60, fp);

but is not working, only write in the file the string. any idea?

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The first step to writing a C program (or any program, for that matter), is to actually look at the API documentation instead of just throwing random arguments at it and hoping it will work. – Paul Tomblin Apr 30 '10 at 21:12

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Do you mean fprintf?

fprintf(fp, "name is %s\n", name);

fwrite is designed mainly for writing raw binary data into a file, not text output. For text output it's more natural to use fprintf, fputs, fputc etc.

If you really need fwrite, you have to separate the name part out, like:

fwrite("name is ", 1, 8, fp);
fwrite(name, 1, strlen(name), fp);
fwrite("\n", 1, 1, fp);
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Another method is to use sprintf to a buffer, then use fwrite to write the buffer. – Thomas Matthews May 1 '10 at 1:07

Better yet, at the bash prompt, do

$ man fwrite

If on Windows, or a system without manpages installed, point a browser at

Seriously, the sooner you get familiar with manpages, the easier learning C will become.

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