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Is there any command either in debugger or ruby-debug to get a list of all gems and/or plugins loaded in memory for a Rails process? I understand only the 'require' gems are loaded but I would like to quickly see what got loaded during runtime.

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This should get you everything loaded through rubygems:


I don't know of a universal way to see which rails plugins are loaded, you can look at the source for Rails::Initializer (pre 3.0) & figure out what your version of rails is doing. Hopefully you know which plugins should be loading & can confirm that from the console when debugging.

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With versions: {|x| "#{} #{x.version}"}
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I think the above answers using Gem.loaded_specs.keys show the gems on the "load path".

However, you originally asked about gems loaded into memory, and this answer may be more helpful.

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