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Which exceptions are you catching when you don't specify an exception class like this:

  # do something
  puts "Exception!"
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According to my copy of Programming Ruby 1.9,

A rescue clause with no parameter is treated as if it had a parameter of StandardError.

And here's the documentation from ruby-doc.org:

By default, rescue only intercepts StandardError and its descendants, but you can specify which exceptions you want handled, as arguments. (This technique does not work when rescue is in statement-modifier position.)

The Why Not Wiki has the Exception hierarchy available if you need to reference it.

As a quick reference, the Exception classes that are not derived from StandardError are:

  • fatal
  • NoMemoryError
  • ScriptError
  • SignalException
  • SystemExit
  • SystemStackError
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Note that there are several more standard exceptions inheriting from the above that are, therefor, also not covered. Most commonly: LoadError, NotImplementedError, SyntaxError. –  Phrogz Feb 28 '11 at 15:55

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