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I have a customer in Macau that uses Windows EUDC for custom Big5 glyphs. I used Fontforge on Linux to convert the .TTE into a type 11 (CID type 2) font and created a custom CMap to map the Big5 code points to the correct glyph in the font. This all works fine and dandy in GS8.60 on Windows and GS8.61 - GS8.63 on Linux. When loading the font in GS8.61 on Windows I get a /rangecheck error in /findfont in gs_cidfn.ps. I've tried to use the EUDC.TTE font natively in ghostscript through the cidfmap with no luck, /invalidfont in /findfont. I'm hesitant to try to contact Ken Lunde, as this appears to be a problem specific to ghostscript. Does anybody know a workaround? Has anybody developed a patch so that I'm not reinventing the wheel here?

Edit: The /rangecheck error occurs in the .buildcidfont procedure. The .buildcidfont procedure has not changed from 8.60 to 8.61.

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This seems to be resolved in GS8.63. Upgrading the client from 8.61 to 8.63 resolves this issue.

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