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I am looking for the pure Perl module for creation of the image file. I went through internet and found some modules GD, Imager, Prima-1.28 but these are all contains 'C' (.c) file and (.h) files.

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Why is it bothering you that they contain .c and .h files? You can add a comment to your own question to answer –  Zaid May 1 '10 at 9:45
Why would you want a pure Perl version? And why would anyone want to spend their time not using the excellent image libraries that already exist. When you don't find something, like a pure Perl version, there's a reason for that. :) –  brian d foy May 2 '10 at 19:10

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I'm not aware of any such module and I doubt that there's much demand for a pure-Perl image lib, given that a) C image libs are widely available and b) image manipulation requires you to do a lot of low-level bit twiddling of just the sort that Perl really isn't all that good at, so it would be much slower than any of the standard C image libs.

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Have a look at PostScript::Simple. But I think you really want one of the XS modules.

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Maybe PerlMagick (ImageMagick) is what you are looking for?

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ImageMagick has a large XS component (i.e. C files). However the OP has not explained why this is a valid constraint. –  Ether May 1 '10 at 17:09

I don't know about a pure Perl module for image handling but by installing ImageMagick you'll be able to use PerlMagick which will allow you to do everything you ever wanted.

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