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I want to know if there's a way to check in a php script if exec() is enabled or disabled on a server..


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What do you mean by "enabled or disabled" ? –  Pascal MARTIN May 1 '10 at 10:37
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if(function_exists('exec')) {
    echo "exec is enabled";
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it works, Thanks! –  Adrian M. May 1 '10 at 11:20
This is incorrect - it will only detect whether the function is available. Most servers will disable it via INI, which means the function will still be present but throw a warning when run and not do anything. See this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/3938120/check-if-exec-is-disabled –  pospi Aug 2 '12 at 2:31
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This will check if the function actually works (permissions, rights, etc):

if(exec('echo EXEC') == 'EXEC'){
    echo 'exec works';
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This is actually a better answer :-) –  bvl Feb 24 '13 at 17:33
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This will check that exec is available and enabled BEFORE trying to run it. If you run exec() and the function does not exist or is disabled a warning will be generated. Depending on the server settings that may render to the browser and will almost-always write a line to a log file = performance hit.

    // Exec function exists.
    // Exec is not disabled.
    // Safe Mode is not on.
    $exec_enabled =
         function_exists('exec')                                            &&
         !in_array('exec', array_map('trim',explode(', ', ini_get('disable_functions'))))     &&
                  !(strtolower( ini_get( 'safe_mode' ) ) != 'off')

if ($exec_enabled) { exec('blah'); }
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please note - ini_get('safe_mode') can return not only "off", but also "" (empty string) –  Alehandro Sanchez Jan 23 at 15:35
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This is some ugly code I made to detect if a function is enabled or not.

function is_enabled($f)

//Usage example:
print_r(is_enabled('str_split'));//true or null if ini_get() is disabled
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