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How do I set line height in QLabel when in WordWrap mode?

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the two properties are not related. – shoosh May 1 '10 at 10:47
QLabel has wordwrap mode. The question is how to set lineheight – Regof May 1 '10 at 11:59

There is no line spacing property in QLabel. You can change the widget font and it will change the line's height but I suspect that is not what you want.

Line's height is computed from the QFont of the widget and can be obtained by the QFontMetrics associated with the widget. Using this information, you may create your own widget that as a line spacing property (and a text wrap mode) but that represents a lot of low-level work.

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Use HTML text:

QString template = "<p style=\"line-height:%1%\">%2<p>";
QString targetText = template.arg(myPercentage).arg(myTex);
QLabel *l = new QLabel(targetText, this);

where myPercentage is like 60 - 80. You will get condensed lines in the WordWrap mode

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