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Following this tutorial getting the following errors:

 NameError in Admin/dashboardsController#show

uninitialized constant Admin::DashboardsController

 NameError in Admin sessionController#new

uninitialized constant Admin::AdminHelper

not sure how to correct this!

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Make sure you have the follwing correct

  1. Admin::WhateverController is under RAILS_ROOT/app/controllers/admin/ directory.
  2. Admin::WhateverHelper is under RAILS_ROOT/app/helpers/admin/ directory
  3. Admin::WhateverController should be named as dashboards_controller.rb
  4. Admin::WhateverHelper should be named as dashboards_helper.rb
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am gonna cool over it now, thanks for the heads up! –  MrThomas May 2 '10 at 9:37

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