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I am using Ajax Control Toolkit version 40412 in my asp.net 4.0 website. When I run the page in Firefox it is working good but I run the page in IE8 it is not rendering toolkit controls and putting "//" characters on the bottom of page.This is happening with every control of toolkit. What can be the problem with this, any ideas?

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Are you sure that you are using the ToolScriptManager and not the Scriptmanager?

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thank-you I've spent hours searching for a reason why my ajax toolkit controls weren't working at all, no error messages, nothing. It's because I was using the scriptmanager and not the ToolkitScriptManager. THanks! –  fearoffours Sep 20 '10 at 20:55
I know how much nerves that can cost. Makes me happy that I could help ;) –  citronas Sep 21 '10 at 12:08

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