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Lets consider some cases:


In this case, when I ask for a IProductServices windsor will proxy the interface to intercept the interface method calls. If instead I do this :


then I cant ask for windsor to resolve IProductServices, instead I ask for ProductServices and it will return a dynamic subclass that will intercept virtual method calls. Of course the dynamic subclass still implements 'IProductServices'

My question is : Can I register the Interface component like the first case, and get the subclass proxy like in the second case?.

There are two reasons for me wanting this:
1 - Because the code that is going to resolve cannot know about the ProductServices class, only about the IProductServices interface. 2 - Because some event invocations that pass the sender as a parameter, will pass the ProductServices object, and in the first case this object is a field on the dynamic proxy, not the real object returned by windsor. Let me give an example of how this can complicate things : Lets say I have a custom collection that does something when their items notify a property change:

private void ItemChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        int senderIndex = IndexOf(sender);

This code will fail if I added an interface proxy, because the sender will be the field in the interface proxy and the IndexOf(sender) will return -1.

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Yes, you can:

_windsor.Register(Component.For<ProductServices, IProductServices>()
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Worked very well, thanks. – Thiago de Arruda May 1 '10 at 20:38

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