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I downloaded Git and GitX for mac and installed it. Now, just for fun, I want to know how I could obtain an repository from GitHub like ??

For me all this Git stuff looks like I have a client and connect to a server in order to get some data from some repository. Like FTP, well not really. But similar.

Just one problem: Where to enter that URL? Is there some field for that? Some hidden command? I did manage to create a new project / repository on my mac, but now I have an empty window and no option to suck down that code from GitHub.

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What you're looking for is the git clone operation. It creates a local copy of (clones) a specified repository.

The very most basic form of its syntax is as follows:

git clone git:// somelocalname

which will clone the remote repo located at git:// into a local repository in the folder somelocalname.

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