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I need to parse .c/.h files for the data declaration and extract the type declarations. For example, I might need to extract the variable declaration and it corresponding data type that might look like:

typedef union 
    unsigned char   OG15 : 1,
                    OG0  : 1;
  } Bits;
  unsigned short Packed;



So my questions would be (using C#):

  1. What would be the best way to store the data type information?
  2. What is the best approach to parse to source files to extract the declarations and data types?



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Not sure whether any of this is the best approach, but I can propose two working approaches:

  1. Use the Phoenix SDK to write a compiler pass that records this information.
  2. Compile the code with the regular C compiler, ask for PDB file, then use the DIA API to read the data structure definitions from the PDB files.
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