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I configured my Emacs for code completion and other help using this link (from another question here on SO). I am a complete newbie to emacs.

Can anyone tell me what should I change so it (rope, ropemacs, pymacs, yasnippet etc) picks up symbols of IronPython modules for code completion and snippets.

Also I want to map:

C-x RET - to invoke IronPython.exe and not Python.exe (any clue on how to do that)

PS I am using Emacs with Cygwin on XP machine

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The variable python-command contains the path of the python interpreter to be run. By default, this is usually just set to "python", which runs the first python in your path.

Try changing it to point directly to the IronPython exe file:

(setq python-command "C:/Program Files/IronPython 2.6/ipy.exe")
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does not work : ( ! –  Ramadheer Singh May 6 '10 at 23:29
For pymacs, you'll also need to set the PYMACS_PYTHON environment variable to the IronPython executable as well. –  ataylor May 7 '10 at 16:14

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