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I know how to use the OleDbConnection class to open an excel file and select from it, but is there a simple method to read the data from an excel file that has been read into a Stream? And is there also a similar method for QuickBooks?

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Stream? No, Excel files are a complicated mess. Quickbooks, yeah. I found this ODBC driver, it should support OdbcDataAdapter.

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You can also look at various QuickBooks integration options, which allow you to communicate with QuickBooks via XML requests and responses. More details on the QuickBooks SDK here: http://developer.intuit.com/

Developer forums here: http://idnforums.intuit.com/categories.aspx?catid=56&entercat=y

VB .NET Framework here: http://idnforums.intuit.com/messageview.aspx?catid=56&threadid=11040&enterthread=y

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