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After deploying a WCF RESTful service that i created using the REST started kit, i got several errors that i managed to solve following this post:

Now i'm stuck with this error:

IIS specified authentication schemes 'Basic, Anonymous', but the binding only supports specification of exactly one authentication scheme. Valid authentication schemes are Digest, Negotiate, NTLM, Basic, or Anonymous. Change the IIS settings so that only a single authentication scheme is used

I saw that others got to this point without a solution. GoDaddy support dont know nothing.

Is it possible at all? Are there any web hosting services that you know that support that?

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Since i found no solution with GoDaddy, i switched my hosting to discountasp which allow you to access directly the IIS and change the authentication method on the web app. They are a bit more expensive, but so far they are much much better. – Amir Naor May 7 '10 at 16:20

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I was able to get REST WCF up and running on my GoDaddy shared hosting. Since I spent so much time searching online and haven't find anything, I've written a post on my blog.

Feel free to ask if you need any help.


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Link is dead, can you please give us another link? – Engin Yapici Jan 4 '14 at 1:33
@EnginYapici The easiest solution would be to contact GoDaddy support and ask them to remove Basic auth. scheme from your app, as I don't think you have privilege to do that. Not sure if you are new to .NET REST services. But maybe you should consider doing WebAPI in place of WCF. If that fits your needs and if you are not trying to deploy some legacy app of course. I'm sorry but my post is lost somewhere in backups and I'm blogging about totally different topics now. – Jovica Zaric Jan 4 '14 at 22:09

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