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How would I know what the maximum length of an element's attribute value is?


<div id="value1..."></div>

What's the maximum allowable length for ID attribute of this div and any other attributes of any elements?

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According to the SGML Declaration of HTML 4, the limit could be 65536 characters:

ATTSPLEN 65536   -- These are the largest values --
LITLEN   65536   -- permitted in the declaration --
NAMELEN  65536   -- Avoid fixed limits in actual --
PILEN    65536   -- implementations of HTML UA's --

The LITLEN limits the number of characters which can appear in a single attribute value literal and the ATTSPLEN limits the sum of all lengths of all attribute value specifications which appear in a tag.

Apparently, the limits used to be much lower in HTML 2, and people were complaining back then in 1995.

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64KB should be more than enough for anyone... Where have I heard that story before? –  Matthew Scharley May 2 '10 at 5:15

Beyond any practical need.

I use ASP webforms regularly, and often have 100+ character ID's.

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I can imagine 1000+ would come in handy for data-attributes –  Peter Nov 10 '11 at 8:50
Or node-position-ids referring to branches in a tree structure... 64K is the kind of answer I was hoping for : ) –  T4NK3R Aug 11 at 13:39

According to this page, technically unlimited. An actual test in various browsers will show their limits but my guess is the limit would be unreasonably long.

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