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I was looking around a few days ago for a new script to replace the featured content area on my website's current implementation. Randomly, I can across a gorgeous one that I have not been able to find again because, like an idiot, I didn't bookmark the page.

It's difficult to explain what the slider looked like, so I'll try to make a crude ASCII image of it:

alt text

When you would hover your mouse over one of the "title" areas that were visible, the rest of the tags would slide to the right and show the one you were hovering on. You could also hover the mouse over a tab on the right and the tabs would collapse left for the same effect.

I don't know if this particular effect has a specific name to it, but for the life of me I cannot find this script again, or anything even like it. It was gorgeous. I've resorted to combing through my browser history, but there is sooooo much of it, and I cannot remember what day I saw it.

So, if any of you know either what the name of this effect is, or even BETTER, what script I'm talking about, I would REAAAAALLLLYYY appreciate a link!

Thanks as always!


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Take a look at the jquery plugin horizontal accordion 2.0

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