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I have the need to do the following in Rails to mirror a desktop application:

a User and an Office 'owns' a record, if you don't own the record on a user or office level you're kicked into the public realm.

user gets read,write,delete to the model record office gets read/write/delete to the model record other or public gets read/write/delete to the model record


UserA owns a model record with read/write/delete OfficeA owns a model with read/write other/public gets read

I was wondering if a plugin/gem existed to grant this functionality?

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You need an authorization framework like cancan or declarative_authorization for that.

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Good if somewhat old survey of plugins here: (last updated 2009)

Sounds like you want one that works at the model level. So choose one that has a "yes" in the "M" column.

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I recommend using Grant. It's an easy to use, though fairly bare-bones, model-level security framework. I describe in a little more detail in this answer.

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