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I am looking for good plotting library (line, pie, column charts) which allows to interact with user touches something like in Stocks app.

I found a core-plot library but seems like that interaction logic is not well-covered.

Please suggest what libraries can be used?

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Configured out the issue.

Interaction logic is covered in core-plot library in CPLayerHostingView.m file.

If you need to associate your ViewController with CPLayerHostingView, simply add property:

@interface CPLayerHostingView : UIView<CPPlotDataSource> {
    CPLayer *hostedLayer;
    CPTestAppScatterPlotController *touchController;

@property (nonatomic, readwrite, retain) CPLayer *hostedLayer;
@property (nonatomic, readwrite, retain) CPTestAppScatterPlotController *touchController;

Then in ViewController use code:

CPLayerHostingView *hostingView = (CPLayerHostingView *)self.view;
hostingView.touchController = self;

So now you are able to run any controller's view methods from view.

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