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how can I generate a xsd schema for a c# type (in code). There must be certainly a way, because xsd schema is generated for datacontracts in wcf.

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Going a bit farther than s7orm's answer I wrote this simple function that I derived from reflecting on xsd.exe:

private void ExtractXsdFromType(Type type, FileInfo xsd)
        XmlReflectionImporter importer = new XmlReflectionImporter();
        XmlTypeMapping mapping = importer.ImportTypeMapping(type);
        XmlSchemas xmlSchemas = new XmlSchemas();
        XmlSchemaExporter xmlSchemaExporter = new XmlSchemaExporter(xmlSchemas);            

        using (FileStream fs = xsd.Create())
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You can use the XML Schema Definition Tool (xsd.exe)

xsd.exe YourAssembly.dll /type:YourNamespace.YourType
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Yeah I know, but I want to generate the schema in code, not via tool. –  s7orm May 2 '10 at 17:09
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So, I found a solution to my problem by looking with reflector in the xsd.exe. Here is it for future reference:

XmlReflectionImporter importer = new XmlReflectionImporter();
XmlTypeMapping stringMapping = importer.ImportTypeMapping(typeof(String));
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