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I am setting up an existing django project on a dreamhost web server, so far I have got everything to work correctly. However I developed under python 2.5 and dreamhost by default uses python 2.4. The following line seems gives a syntax error because of the if keyword:

'parent': c.parent.pk if c.parent is not None else None

Is it the case that this form of if statement was introduced in Python 2.5, if so is there an easy change that would make it compatible with Python 2.4?

Or, should I just change to Python 2.5. I have already installed python 2.5 to a directory under my home directory, and have succeeded in running the python interpreter under 2.5. If I wish to use Python 2.5 for everything, where can I set this?

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I just found this page siafoo.net/article/52#selecting-values which explains that this was in fact introduced in Python 2.5, however my second questions still stands. – Marcus Whybrow May 2 '10 at 13:56
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Yes, this kind of inline if was added with 2.5, released almost 4 years ago. You can update your Dreamhost version like this

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(1 and [a] or [b])[0]
'parent': (c.parent is not None and [c.parent.pk] else [None])[0]
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can be shortened to "c.parent or None" however that is slightly behavior changing as it is now doing a bool test, not a not None test – tolomea Jan 17 '13 at 10:44

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