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which uml diagrams we should use when allocationg use case behoviour?

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None. Use plain text and a use case template to capture use cases.

However you can use a Use case diagram when your use cases are ready, and you want to represent the relationships between use cases and actors in a concise manner

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Use case scenario descriptions have a far greater value than use case diagrams, I agree with that, however I do not agree with suggested workflow, sometimes it is easier to propose use cases just by writing their names and relating them to the system, actors and other use cases. It is the same argument as for User stories in agile world, where you rahter than documenting the feature create a story card, which is then used as a means for a discussion about details. – Gabriel Ščerbák May 2 '10 at 21:32

You can create Usecases with UML and add comments it would do the job :-)

If you have large comments then you can add a documentation on each usecase. It means that when you click inside the diagram on the usecase you can see the associated project documentation. The picture is an actor in the usecase diagram but it is the same documentation view for usecases.

alt text

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