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Hey, What's the easiest way to perform an FQL query from an ASP.NET application? Do I have to download the Facebook Developer Toolkit (which I only want to use as a last resort), or is there an easier way (maybe through javascript)? I'm not doing any heavy queries if that makes a difference. (I simply want to get the user's profile picture URL from my site. It might not even need FQL?)

Thanks for any suggestions

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maybe you could try this variant with jquery to make a call with REST. but as the fb developers state, it is the old variant to access fb ressources. instead they recommend the usage of the Graph API. With it you could also access your profile image..


You can render the current profile photo for any object by adding the suffix /picture to the object URL. For example, this will render your public profile photo:

< img src=""/>

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Thanks. I didn't realise the Graph API was so easy to use. Scary in a way...but cool nevertheless... – XSL May 2 '10 at 21:33

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