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I've been trying to include winhttp.h and I get this error:

Winhttp.h: No such file or directory

Mingw doesn't have it, how would I add it?

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You can use runtime dynamic linking to link to the function(s) you want directly. You can't use the plain winhttp.h that ships with the Windows SDK because it contains Microsoft-specific features. You could also compile with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition which would include the header you want.

Hope that helps :)

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  1. GET: https://dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.higgins/trunk/app/org.eclipse.higgins.tcpserver/src/Third-party/VS2008/winhttp.h
  2. dlltool -z winhttp.def --export-all-symbol winhttp.dll
  3. dlltool -k -d winhttp.def -l libwinhttp.a
  4. Link against the libwinhttp.a you just generated.
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I have copied the header from windows and it worked fine with the following addition:

#define __in
#define __out
#define __out_bcount(x)
#define __in_ecount(x)
#define __inout
#define __out_ecount_full_opt(x)
#define __in_opt
#define __out_data_source(x)
#include <winhttp.h>

hope this helps.

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Found a copy of winhttp.h here: dev.eclipse.org/svnroot/technology/org.eclipse.higgins/trunk/… –  mxcl Jun 13 '13 at 18:20
Also, I found that I didn’t need the extra defines, I could just: #include <specstrings.h>. –  mxcl Jun 13 '13 at 18:26

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