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I have subversion 1.6.5 client and 1.5.4 server. And I mostly only care about diffs on fully repository paths, not working copies.

When diffing branches, ones that have been merged already show up as identical except for the mergeinfo properties.

This is a touch annoying for a human who has to then look through the changes looking for anything that might be a real change.

However it's somewhat worse in our usecase as we have scripts that run around checking on the merge state of various things and the mergeinfo properties cause them to highlight a lot of things as being out of sync when they aren't.

Is there a way to get the diff summary to ignore the mergeinfo properties?

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possible duplicate of Is there a metadata exclusion filter for the SVN DIFF command? –  ax. Jul 18 '12 at 16:05

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Looks a little bit like a duplicate of the following question. So in the end you have to use an appropriate external diff tool. If you don't care about property changes you can always use filterdiff --clean to remove files whose only changes are properties.

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