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I'm using construction like this:

doc = parse(url).getroot()
links = doc.xpath("//a[text()='some text']")

But I need to select all links which have text beginning with "some text", so I'm wondering is there any way to use regexp here? Didn't find anything in lxml documentation

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You can do this (although you don't need regular expressions for the example). Lxml supports regular expressions from the EXSLT extension functions. (see the lxml docs for the XPath class, but it also works for the xpath() method)

doc.xpath("//a[re:match(text(), 'some text')]", 
        namespaces={"re": ""})

Note that you need to give the namespace mapping, so that it knows what the "re" prefix in the xpath expression stands for.

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Not working for me, I do: match(., 'some text'). By the way I don't quite understand the . part. And func test has the same result (I think it makes more sense to use test actually :P) – lajarre Mar 22 '13 at 20:47
Does not work for me either. – Luke Jul 29 '15 at 19:53

You can use the starts-with() function:

doc.xpath("//a[starts-with(text(),'some text')]")
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