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I'm building a site with wordpress, and when I use the date() function on an otherwise empty file, it shows the right date. However, if I use it in a file that includes other wordpress files, the time is displayed as GMT time, so the date is off.

If anyone can figure out how I can use date function without interruption from the wordpress methods, I'd appreciated it.

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I Dont use word press so im not sure but it sounds like there is a setting in wp that is applied using date_default_timezone_set(). Its probably configured to GMT to allow for easy calculation of user preferences from within WP. I would look to see if this is configurable in WP, or do the math youself using the necessary functions and/or objects.

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Thanks very much, works like a charm! – ladaghini May 4 '10 at 0:15

The Wordpress template tag the_time displays according to your Wordpress defaults: Template Tags/the time « WordPress Codex. date() may get over written by Wordpress. But you can look at the_time usage and code samples to change the output more to what you need: Formatting Date and Time « WordPress Codex

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Thanks for the insight. – ladaghini May 4 '10 at 0:14

Try using the date_i18n() function available in Wordpress, I had a similar problem and used that function rather than date(). Check out the WP docs -

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