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In Windows XP's CMD, the Luna border isn't applied to it. alt text

Is it possible to do it in a similar way in Visual C# Winforms, for an application? I just wonder how it's done, of course I am not going to force any of my applications to not use the beautiful XP/Aero theme :P


edit: Adding a note to this after many months. The Luna border isn't applied to CMD due to the fact that it is technically a 16-bit (old) application, so it does not use the standard Windows theming system (nor windowing, as demonstrated by the fact that it cannot be maximized). Applications like this are common in 32-bit windows (16-bit apps were removed in x64 Windows builds), for example, sysedit. The fact that it has a properly themed window border (but note, not the inside controls) in Vista/7, is due to the fact that Aero/Desktop Window Manager (DWM) overrides all window borders and renders them. If we switch to the Basic/Classic theme, that inconsistency continues.

The x64 cmd.exe doesn't have this problem. :)

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I don't know how to modify the border, but on a side note, I do know how you can control the appearance of controls. As far as I know (I am a Linux programmer so I have limited knowledge in this field), without XPCommonControls enabled, you will have "old-style" controls, but with it, you will have "nice" buttons that are styled with the system style settings.

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