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i'm using DataList to show records on Client Site of My web page i need to show a message when my DataList is empty .... is there a property of Datalist... How to show that message ?

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Funny enough, it seems not so. I was expecting some 'EmptyXXX' properties like the GridView has. –  leppie May 3 '10 at 6:39

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Skaffman "EmptyDataText" property is not supported by DataList yet. But you can achieve almost same functionality using the following trick

<asp:Label Visible='<%#bool.Parse((DataList1.Items.Count==0).ToString())%>' runat="server" ID="lblNoRecord" Text="No Record Found!"></asp:Label>

That is creating a Label in Footer of DataList, and make it visible only of DataList Record Count is 0.

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RowCount = Convert.ToInt32(DLMoreImages.Items.Count.ToString());
if (RowCount != null && RowCount < 1)
    DLMoreImages.Visible = false;
    LblerrorMess.Text = "No Record Found...";
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try to use this code

if( dataList.Items.Count == 0 )
dataList.Visible = false;
lblMessage.Visible = true;
lblMessage.Text = "No Record Found.";

lblMessage is a label control which initially hidden, beneath the DataList. You can write above code either in OnDataBind event or just after calling dataList.DataBind() method.

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