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I'm developing a network tool and I want to map IPs to Area Names.

Ex: - = area A - = area B etc.

And when a request comes from a certain IP the tool should display the Area Name to the user. I'm doing it on C#.Net

Can anyone give me the outline of the software I should build.. Following is what I have in mind.. 1) A module to hold a database to map IPs to Area Names 2) A module to listen to requests comes to that server. 3) A module to sort the IPs and Alert the User.

I welcome any suggestion, guidance, warning or instructions. Thanks in advance. -Zerone

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that is an NMP, im doing one as my collagre grade test... in som days i can send you the custom code, but first try to do a broadcast to all the IP adresses

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Thank you very much and I will try the broadcasting. –  Zerone Jan 23 '11 at 4:35

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