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i wonder where one can find template interfaces.

eg. i am creating these classes that implements iLog:


i wonder what methods should a typical Log class have?

is there a set of interfaces you could just implement/learn from rather than reinvent the wheel and have to think about the method names.

eg. Interfaces:



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PHP defines the following interfaces (should, but may not be complete):

  • Traversable — The Traversable interface
  • Iterator — The Iterator interface
  • IteratorAggregate — The IteratorAggregate interface
  • ArrayAccess — The ArrayAccess interface
  • Serializable — The Serializable interface
  • Countable — The Countable interface
  • OuterIterator — The OuterIterator interface
  • RecursiveIterator — The RecursiveIterator interface
  • SeekableIterator — The SeekableIterator interface
  • SplObserver — The SplObserver interface
  • SplSubject — The SplSubject interface


As for your Logger Interface, I'd say it should have a method log($message, level) and nothing else.

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thanks for the links! regarding the logger interface. shouldnt there be a method called read() ? or is it another interface that is responsible for reading? – never_had_a_name May 3 '10 at 9:15
@fayer depends on the what your Log is supposed to do. I was assuming you are talking about a LogWriter. If your Log can read and write, why not separate these concerns into two interfaces and then have your Logger implement LogWriter and LogReader and give one a method write() and the other a method read(). – Gordon May 3 '10 at 9:23
that was actually a nice separation. i will think about wether to separate them or having them in one interface, although it sounds like each logger should have the ability to read too. – never_had_a_name May 3 '10 at 9:26
@fayer a common approach is to have the Logger be a composite that aggregates multiple Writers, so you can write to (for instance) file and db at the same time. The Logger class is then just a Gateway. You could add reading, but the Logger Gateway would then have to know from which Reader, which I find less useful, because it makes you having to know what Reader is there. – Gordon May 3 '10 at 9:31

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